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Megatrends on your doorstep

A megatrend is an event, process, structure, realization or awareness that shapes our worldview and perception of reality. Megatrends are the most important drivers for predicting how the future will present itself.  We've outlined five impending megatrends affecting what we do (our mission), how we see our role in the changing world (our vision), and what we advocate (our values).   


Regulators could not catch Bernie Madoff in 20 years. In fact, regulators would have never caught him.  But had the markets been transparent, the market participants would have caught him in 5 seconds.  That is where transparency works better than regulation.

The importance of transparency is recognized on a larger and larger scale, and serious action has been taken to promote it worldwide, including the G8 Open Data Charter 2013.

& Ecosystem

Concentrating only on shareholder value, banks have eliminated their connection to society. This has led to the current situation in which banks are no longer benefiting society, but generating an extra burden for it to carry.  A situation like this is not sustainable.


Banking has to be brought back to the grassroots for it to benefit society.  As the inevitable happens, banks will once again be part of the local ecosystem.

Efficient Resource Allocation

In the context of fading growth prospects, limited natural resources, global warming, pollution, unemployment and failing banks, efficient resource allocation systems can save the degrading western economy.


CMS' 00R is one of the most advanced resource allocation systems. It can put the scarcest top resources to very effective use, as has been already shown in the stock market. 

Freedom to Act

Without freedom to act, the Open Data Charter is just empty words. There will be no benefit to anyone if people are not allowed to act on findings revealed by open data.  Serious changes in regulations are required to empower citizens to take advantage of new data, prospects, and opportunities. Excessive permits, fees and regulations can make it impossible for individuals to implement new ideas.  

Freedom to act should be included in basic human rights.

Shared Value Creation

Take a look at Detroit. See the empty buildings, deserted streets, and complete desolation in certain parts of the city. This is the destination where short sited, narrowly defined ownership interest in companies takes us. 


In order for this to change, we need a new generation of socially responsible companies to create a chain of ecosystems benefiting everyone. 


Shared value creation is referenced by many leading economists, including Porter and Kramer (2011)

For more in-depth analyses of how these megatrends are interacting and changing our world, browse our publications.

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