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CMS' Strategic Advantages

CMS provides world-class asset management and consulting services based on leadership in operational excellence, product superiority, and customer intimacy. 


These three factors, explained in the Value Disciplines model by Michael Treacy and Fred Wiersema, are key to a company's sustainable success.  Every successful company exhibits at least one of these strategic value disciplines.  


In the diagram at right, CMS' competetive strategic advantage is illustrated in relation to international competition.  As explained below, CMS delivers exceptional value by focusing on all three value disciplines.

Operational Excellence with Low Overhead and Full Coverage

Your profit shouldn't be lost in operating costs. CMS provides access to the highest competence in the stock market at an unbeatable price.  While the big banks spend upwards of $60 billion to analyze and evalute about 1,000 stocks four times per year, CMS uses 00R to analyze 30,000 stocks each month at a total annual cost of $200,000. 

Product Superiority with Full Transparency

Since the beginning of 2012 Russell 2000's cumulative return is 65.13%.

During the same period, 00R's cumulative return is 154.18%.

00R portfolio comprised of well diversified set of US listed stocks, picked by a patented algo analyzing competences and transactions of investors required to file to SEC.



Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Performance calculated on the 30th of October 2015.


Acknowledged Innovation, Quality Certification

The 00R resource allocation system is covered by U.S. patents 7835968 and 8484118, prepared by Oliff & Berridge Attorneys at Law. Portfolios managed by 00R have been audited by Ernst & Young.


CMS is the exclusive distributor of 00R applications.

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