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Your portfolio performance can be increased as easily as inserting a memory stick into your laptop. We plug our patented 00R system into your company and transform your portfolio's profitability without changing your pre-set allocation criteria.  We increase your return and/or lower your risk.


For example, we transformed a US fund that was ranked in the bottom 5% into the number one US fund in five months (as reported in a six-month performance calculation).  This kind of performance enhancement is achieved via innovations on many different levels.


You define the portfolio criteria and 00R recommends the stocks that embody those criteria.  Your CMS Portfolio Manager will then filter the list by any additional preferences and values you have specified before executing trades.  The 00R system is compatible with most other investment strategies.



The first step to a better portfolio entails meeting with a CMS Portfolio Manager to define your specific needs. 


Services are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Start a conversation with us via email or our contact form.

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